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Josh is on the warpath, and Elizabeth is pampered.


Technology has always allowed us to push the boundaries of what’s real and not real. From filters on our holiday snaps to recreating life in a laboratory. Is it any wonder then that amidst all this 21st century noise we’re searching for an authentic voice?…

Handmade by Hipsters

In today’s Business Daily Elizabeth Hotson delves into the secrets of the backstory. A compelling tale is now de rigueur when it comes to selling us things, especially in the food industry; whether it’s a bar of chocolate or a cup of coffee, provenance is…


Lilian has a spring in her step, and Toby offers little comfort.

Andreas Haefliger, Monastic Music

Sara Mohr-Pietsch speaks to German-born Swiss pianist Andreas Haefliger ahead of his upcoming performance at London’s Wigmore Hall. Known for the brilliance of his Beethoven playing, he talks about why the composer’s music embodies the very best human ideals, why pianists need to learn to…