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Pip finds the comfort she needs, and Justin cannot be calmed.

Derby preview

Bill Rice is joined by former United striker Danny Webber to preview tomorrow’s derby at the Etihad.

Bluefin Tuna: Loved to Death?

Could Japan’s craving for this fish end up wiping out what is a favourite sushi staple? Ed Butler examines a classic case of overfishing, and asks whether fish farming is the answer. Dr David Agnew, science and standards director at the Marine Stewardship Council, explains…

A Basic Income for All?

Social scientists, technologists, and politicians from across the political spectrum think they have a potential solution to the unemployment that automation and artificial intelligence are expected to create. It’s called a universal basic income. And it involves getting the state to pay a fixed sum…


Ambridge Hall is invaded, and Tom angles for a better deal.

Machine Learning

Machines are about to get a lot smarter and machine learning will transform our lives. So says a report by the Royal Society in the UK, a fellowship of many of the world’s most eminent scientists. Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that’s…