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The Future of the Future

Does the accelerating pace of technology change the way we think about the future? It’s said that science fiction writers now spend more time telling stories about today than about tomorrow, because the potential of existing technology to change our world is so rich that…

Fixture list lottery

Bill Rice asks if Manchester United have been punished by the fixture list. Former United midfielder Quinton Fortune offers his opinions.


Eddie worries about being found out, and Matt’s advice falls on deaf ears.

Hormone: Testosterone

In the first in a new series of programmes about hormones, Justin Rowlatt asks whether testosterone is responsible for causing stock market bubbles, and for offering false hope to American men of a certain age. Neuroscientist and former Wall St trader John Coates explains why…


Ed’s prospects take a hit, and Emma finds an ally.

It won’t wash

Heard something unconvincing? Maybe it’s time to get out the washing powder!

Could China Shut Down North Korea?

Military tensions between the United States and North Korea seem to rise on an almost daily basis. But how important are economic factors in putting pressure on the North Korean state? Could China, with its close trading relationship, choose to shut down North Korea –…