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Bulgaria on the Edge

Have corruption, human trafficking and organised crime links at the highest levels of government all become rife since the country joined the EU a decade ago? The BBC’s Laurence Knight reports from Sofia, where migrants claim crossing what is the EU’s external frontier is not…


There is a knot to unravel at the Dower House, and Harrison presents his offer.

How To Be Ambitious

Ambition, is it good or bad? And what do you do with it if you’ve got it? Psychologist Neel Burton of Oxford University explores the negative effects ambition can have and the tools you need to to relieve them. Author Rachel Bridge defends the thesis…


Anisha is drawn in, and Alistair frets about the past.

Business jargon

How good are you at blue-sky thinking? Learn all about business jargon in this programme

Robots in the Developing World

What impact is automation having on low-wage economies in Asia and Africa? Ed Butler meets the inventor of a robot that can stitch t-shirts together – a potential threat to the huge garment industries in places like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The BBC’s Rahul Tandon…


Fallon is driven to distraction, and Matt makes a promise.