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Kenton gets the wrong end of the stick, and Rex will not take no for an answer.

Sex Robots

Could robots designed for sex and companionship really substitute human relationships? Jane Wakefield visits a sex robot factory in California where creator Matt McMullen introduces his sex robot, Harmony, and explains why his product might help people struggling to form relationships in real life. International…


Harrison has his work cut out, and Matt returns two items.

Game On – Dawn of a Go 8 bit War

Steve McNeil talks about riding a zeitgeist as Go 8 Bit returns to the UK’s screens and another favourite’s back – Dawn of War 3. Relic’s Philippe Boulle interviewed and Leif Johnson from PC Gamer discusses the game.

Episode 4

Susan Calman , Zoe Lyons, Lloyd Langford and Peter Curran are all corralled into a newsy formation by Miles Jupp This week Miles and team steel themselves to deal with a leak. All the juicy and wobbly bits that didn’t make it into Friday’s episode….


Lily offers her analysis, and Adam has a keen student.


In today’s Digital Human, we’re in search of silence. Isobel Anderson suffers from tinnitus and at its peak felt like she was being tortured, or stalked. But the culprit wasn’t an external sound that she could switch off; it was inside her brain. Her mind…

Weather words

Windy, snowy, wet, hot – how do you describe the weather? The British love to talk about it so there’s no surprise there are many words you can use