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‘Cars zooming around’, ‘machines buzzing and bleeping’ are examples of onomatopoeia. Words that sound like the thing they describe are called onomatopoeic.


Lilian has a lot on her mind, and Brian is being hassled.

Sweet Mother

Prince Nico Mbarga and Rocafil Jazz’s 1976 recording Sweet Mother is estimated to have sold 13 million copies in markets and record shops across Africa – that is more than The Beatles’ biggest-selling single I Want To Hold Your Hand. Yet outside the continent, it…

Sir Willard White, Mozart’s Pet Starling, Huang Bo

Presented by Tom Service Tom talks to one of the world’s best-loved singers, the bass Sir Willard White. Equally at home singing Wagner or the great American songbook – Willard White has one of the most distinctive and powerful voices on stage today. He tells…


Matt is on the prowl, and Jill calls on past experience.


Adam has an eventful birthday, and Anisha draws a line.