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Roy is frustrated, and Adam fears for the future.

Counting Calories

Should the food industry do more to encourage us to eat less? Elizabeth Hotson reports on efforts to curb calorie intake in the UK, while Manuela Saragosa speaks to Brian Elbel, a population health expert from New York University, about the impact of US regulations…


Alice feels guilty, and Neil needs a solution.


Relaxed about the future? Here’s a phrase that might describe your character

Sex Workers in Sierra Leone

The experience of sex workers in one aid-dependent country. Ed Butler speaks to Julie Sesay from Advocaid, a charity in Sierra Leone, about the challenges facing sex workers there, as well as Zara, a sex worker visited by government employees and aid workers. Plus Nassim…

Episode 8

Jeremy Hardy, Andy Hamilton, Vicki Pepperdine and Susan Calman are Miles’s guests for the last episode in the current series.


Tony offers the benefit of his experience, and Pip has a change of heart.


One of the major criticisms of social media is that it’s disconnecting us, as individuals, from society and from real physical interactions. But if a key element of ‘tribe’ is communication and connectivity then the digital world arguably holds unlimited bounds for tribes. Mumsnet for…


Words like Google and Hoover, which started as brand names but are now used generically

Sierra Leone’s Economic Struggle

As the country prepares for elections, Ed Butler visits Sierra Leone to find out how people are feeling about the economy, as it fights back following the devastating Ebola outbreak. Ed speaks to top politicians and also hears from ordinary people struggling to make a…