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Lilian has got her hands full, and Brian gets another talking to.

How do pets navigate?

We hear stories about pets who manage to find their way home, even across hundreds of miles? How do they do it?

Machines vs Manpower

Robots and the jobs market: Will they make us all redundant? Or perhaps the outlook isn’t as gloomy as everyone assumes? Presenter Ed Butler dons augmented reality goggles to glimpse the hi-tech future of work with Daqri founder Brian Mullins. Meanwhile academics Carl Frey of…


Ruth has a decision to make, and Roy makes a bad first impression.

Sicily: Migrant Economics

Sicily, one of Europe’s poorest regions, is at the forefront of the migration crisis. More than half a million migrants have passed through Italian ports since 2014, and numbers are on the rise again. Meanwhile Sicily’s unemployment is among Italy’s highest at over 22%. Many…


Shula has unexpected news, and Clarrie draws a line.

Wet weekend

When can a wet weekend be dry? Find out with another authentic English expression

Hormones: Adrenaline and Panic

An adrenaline rush can have devastating consequences, be it in performers paralysed by stage fright, or in police officers who make bad decisions in high stress situations. Justin Rowlatt looks at what we can do to manage our fight-or-flight response in order to avoid panic….