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Beijing’s Big Plan

Xiong’an, a small rural town in China, is set to become a city of 5 million people over the next decade. That’s the government’s plan at least. But could the whole thing end up as an expensive white elephant? Ed Butler visits the site of…


Jolene tries to be a voice of reason, and Alice plays peace-maker.

The New Bankers

Will ‘challenger’ banks change the financial industry? Manuela Saragosa speaks to Tom Blomfield, the chief executive of UK-based Monzo, a new bank proving popular with millennials, while Ed Butler hears how a payment system set up by retail giant Alibaba is taking over one city…


Oliver decides to step down, and Brian is forced to pay out.

Have a go

Poor Neil gets a lot of criticism in the programme. Of course, it’s all to help you learn English!

Children: Slaves to the Smartphone?

In a hyper-connected world what are smartphones doing to us and our children? We hear from father Tim Farnum who noticed his children became withdrawn and moody after getting their smartphones. It moved him to set up PAUS – Parents Against Underage Smartphones – which…