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The World’s Most Expensive Election Campaign?

Kenya could have the most expensive election campaign per head in the world. That’s according to data from the Kenyan treasury just two weeks before the country goes to the polls. The BBC’s Will Bain reports on the country’s extravagant campaign culture. The UK and…


Justin’s mind is made up, and Alice recruits Pip.

Sicily’s Rural Mafia

The Sicilian mafia is alive and well, thanks in part to European Union agricultural subsidies. That’s the allegation made by some officials on the Italian island. In Sicily, we speak to Giuseppe Antoci, president of Sicily’s largest national park, Parco Nebrodi, and deputy police commissioner…


There is another unexpected visitor to Grange Farm, and Lilian tries to calm the situation.


Shula shares all the latest gossip, and Kirsty is forced to reveal her hand.

Childcare at Work

The age-old conundrum of career versus kids, and how it’s paid for in different corners of the planet. In India, Yogita Limaye visits a crèche on one of the fast-growing country’s burgeoning number of construction sites, while in China Jon Sudworth reports on the children…


Ruth makes her position known, and Rex gets an invitation.