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Tesla’s Cobalt Conundrum

Tesla Motors needs a lot of cobalt for its electric cars, but it has a problem, most of it is in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. So with ambitious plans to produce 500,000 of its new Model Three cars a year, can Tesla get…

Have We Reached the End of Globalisation?

Much has been made of China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy, the country’s ambitious plans to re-imagine the old Silk Road trading route. It’s a globalising outward looking trade plan, at a time when many of the World’s other leading economies are beginning to view…


Clarrie gets ready to host, and Oliver expresses his thanks.


Lynda worries about the fete, and Harrison has a difficult question to ask.

Rise of the Social Media Influencers

Manuela Saragosa explores the growth in social media influencers, paid to push products on platforms like Instagram. Influencer Sara Tasker describes how she turned blogging and instagramming into a full-time job, while Mike Bandar, co-founder of Instagram scheduling company Hopper HQ, discusses the dangers of…

The World of Male Grooming

The male grooming industry is worth 20 some billion dollars worldwide, how much of it actually works? San Francisco dermatologist Seth Matarasso talks Botox, lasers and fillers. Beauty buyer for Selfridges department store in London, Emily Saunders, explains why men are becoming more educated when…


Jill wants to be heard, and Roy is adamant action must be taken.