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The Global Financial Crisis: Ten Years On

Have we learned the lessons of the banking crisis a decade ago? Dominic O’Connell reports on how the first signs of a global crisis came in the summer of 2007. Ed Butler also talks to Alistair Darling, now Lord Darling, then Britain’s finance minister charged…


Oliver receives an invitation, and Shula starts to wonder.

Give us a bell

What’s that ringing sound? Is it someone giving you a bell? Find out what it all means

What Has Happened to Qatar?

Two months into an economic blockade by its nearest neighbours, what has been the impact for Qatar? David Segall, a policy associate at the Centre for Business and Human Rights at New York University, says the blockade is making conditions harsher for many foreign workers….


Alistair’s mind is elsewhere, and Kirsty fears the worst.