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Oliver needs to ask a favour, and Susan gets creative in the kitchen.


Emma’s resolve is broken, and Alistair tries to explain.

The Museum of Curiosity (Series 11, Ep 4)

This week, the Professor of Ignorance John Lloyd and his curator, the brilliant Romesh Ranganathan welcome: The Austentatiously funny improvisor, comedian and writer Cariad Lloyd. The Huddersfield girl who escaped modelling and headed for the Yorkshire hills, Amanda Owen. and The broadcaster, reporter, after-dinner speaker,…

Bees, Seeds and Disease

Has the world become dangerously dependent on commercial honey bees to pollinate its crops? This prolific species is prone to some nasty diseases, as presenter Manuela Saragosa discovers. California bee broker Joe Traynor describes how two million hives are trucked into the state’s almond orchards…


Susan has been doing some maths, and Freddie spectacularly fails.

EU Passports For Sale

Malta will offer citizenship to anyone willing to put in the time… and the money. Rent an apartment for five years at $19,000 a year, and an EU passport can be yours. So who benefits? And is it ethical? The BBC’s Simon Tulett travels to…


Jennifer is called out, and Rex blows away the blues.