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In this episode of The Digital Human Aleks Krotoski asks if social media is creating a new era of shame. Psychotherapist Aaron Balick explains how shame needs a witness in order to be felt, we need to be able to see our selves through the…

Reporting verbs

We use the verbs ‘say’, ‘tell’ and ‘ask’ to report what people say. What other verbs can we use? Find out how to use reporting verbs to add meaning and interest to your English

Paradise Papers: Secrets of the Global Elite

A huge new leak of financial documents has revealed how the powerful and ultra-wealthy, including the British Queen’s private estate, secretly invest vast amounts of cash in offshore tax havens. Donald Trump’s commerce secretary is shown to have a stake in a firm dealing with…


Justin issues an ultimatum, and Alistair has concerns.

Alan Hollinghurst: The Line of Beauty

This month World Book Club talks to bestselling British writer Alan Hollinghurst about his Booker prize-winning novel, The Line of Beauty. In the summer of 1983 twenty year-old graduate Nick Guest moves into an attic room in the glamorous Notting Hill home of ambitious Tory…


Roy faces an impossible dilemma, and Adam has something on his mind.

The Now Show – Fri 03 11 2017

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis re-cap the week via topical stand-up and sketches with guests Sindhu Vee, Tez Ilyas, Pippa Evans and Luke Kempner. Producer…Victoria Lloyd A BBC Studios Production

Migrant Stories: Reasons to Stay

What happens to migrants after they’ve returned home? What opportunities are there for them in the places they’ve left? And are their stories of the shocking reality of travelling ‘The Back Way’ to Europe changing attitudes at home? Marie Keyworth travels to Tambacounda – in…


Harrison hits a brick wall, and gossip spreads about the night of the Hunt Ball.