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Brexit Milestone Reached

UK and EU leaders clinch a deal in the first phase of negotiations on Britain’s exit from the European Union – but is it still too soon for the business community to breathe easy? Ed Butler gets the view of Paul Drechsler, president of the…


Lexi offers a shoulder to cry on, and Brian puts his foot in it.

Nuclear Energy Post Fukushima

Is Japan right to switch reactors back on at its nuclear power stations seven years after a earthquake and tsunami caused the worst nuclear accident in the country’s history? Presenter Manuela Saragosa puts the question to nuclear sceptic Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for…


The panto rehearsal descends into chaos, and Lilian feels guilty.

《你问我答》:Ornament and decoration 两个表示“装饰”的词语

很多人会为庆祝特定的节日、场合布置房间,也有人会在屋里摆放装饰物,美化家居氛围。在英语里,单词“ornament”和“decoration”都有“装饰品”的意思,但它们之中哪一个多用来强调饰品美观但没有实用性?哪一个可以用来表示“装饰、装潢的过程、艺术或风格”?Ornament 和 decoration 还有哪些不同之处?本期《你问我答》为大家一一道来。

Surviving the Night Shift

What working nights does to your health and the economy. Manuela Saragosa hears from Tracey Loscar, a paramedic in Alaska who works 24-hour shifts and sleep expert Professor Russell Foster of Oxford University, who tells us about the health effects. Marco Hafner, senior economist at…


Jennifer is concerned, and Elizabeth imparts some advice.