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Adam feels cornered, and Jolene gets the lowdown.

Irregular verbs

Not all verbs behave themselves. Learn about irregular verbs like ‘break’ in this programme

How to Dress, Sit and Scrawl at Work

The way you sit, the clothes you wear, the doodles you draw – what message are you sending to your employer and your colleagues without you even saying a word? Presenter Manuela Saragosa is made rather more self-conscious by a range of guests, including image…


What is distracting Lilian? Alan prays for some community spirit.

Breaking Free: A Century of Russian Culture

Presented by Tom Service. Part of Radio 3’s Breaking Free: A Century of Russian Culture. Tom meets Teodor Currentzis, the controversial Greek-born, Russian-nationalised conductor who has revolutionised musical life in the city of Perm, near the Ural Mountains on the edge of Siberia. Currentzis reveals…


Harrison imparts shocking news, and Jolene’s fears are confirmed.

The Now Show – Fri 10 11 2017

In the week that Panorama uncovered the Paradise Papers, Punt and Dennis present a mix of topical stand-up and sketches which aims to explain the news. David Quantick looks at the Christmas ads, Grainne Maguire looks at the disparity in access to abortion across the…