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Wechat No.14823 Oldest Antarctic Ice Found

The importance of analysing the trapped past atmospheres contained in bubbles in ice cores is invaluable to our understanding of our climate. Until now, ice cores drilled in Antarctica only go back to 800,000 years old. But geologists exploring a little known valley, high up…

Wechat No.14820 How long does Britain have to leave the EU?

Estonian president argues for EU unity on UK exit; Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants “immediate discussions” over remaining in EU; Gay Pride in London as British government minister comes out Union flag banners hang across a street near the Houses of Parliament in central…

Wechat No.14791 Weekend Extra

Brexit – why England s working class wanted out; European football and identity; Political dissent in a Chinese village Direct Link: Cdn Link: Recommended in Mainland China Original BBC Link: Expired in 30 days after published

Wechat No.14790 What future for the EU?

How will Europe look when the UK leaves? A politically charged match between Wales and Northern Ireland in Euro 2016. The Glastonbury music festival. (Picture: The UK and EU flags Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images) Direct Link: Cdn Link: Recommended in Mainland China Original BBC Link:…

Wechat No.14753 St Magnus Festival

Presented by Tom Service. As the St Magnus International Festival celebrates its first 40 years, Tom Service takes Music Matters on the road to Orkney s annual midsummer celebration of music and the arts founded by the late Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. Including a discussion…

Wechat No.14710 Mind your Manners

It s not what you eat, but the way that you eat it on this week s The Food Chain. As people are exposed to cuisines from all over the world, we ask if there has been a global shrugging off of table manners. From…