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Brian has a reputation to protect, and Ian is feeling fancifully festive.


Presented by Sara Mohr-Pietsch. As the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, hcmf//, celebrates its 40th edition, Sara takes a snapshot of musical life in the West Yorkshire town. Sara meets one of the festival’s featured composers, the Canadian-based Linda Catlin Smith, who since listening to records…


Peggy is left horrified, and Adam takes the initiative.

The Now Show – Fri 24 11 2017

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis re-cap the week with topical stand-up and sketches from guests Gareth Gwynn, Andy Zaltzman, Tamar Broadbent and Eshaan Akbar. It’s budget week! We delve into our red box to present more sketches, stand up and song… Gareth Gwynn takes us…

Killer Robots

Terminator-style autonomous lethal weapons, which can make their own decisions about when to kill, are closer to becoming reality than you may realise. How worried should we be? Noel Sharkey, a professor of artificial intelligence, tells presenter Ed Butler why he thinks the world needs…


The results are in at the parish council election, while Alan’s hopes are dashed.