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Richard Flanagan: Narrow Road to the Deep North

Best-selling Australian writer Richard Flanagan talks about his Booker prize-winning novel The Narrow Road to the Deep North. This unforgettable novel about the cruelty of war and the tenuousness of love and life tells the story of captive Australian soldiers forced into hard labour, working…

Harassment in classical music

Tom Service looks at issues around sexual harassment in classical music and the arts in light of recent scandals to hit the worlds of entertainment and politics. We hear from Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians; Naomi Pohl, Assistant General Secretary…


Justin has a big decision to make, and Pip confides in Elizabeth.

The Now Show – Fri – 01 12 2017

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis present the week via topical stand-up and sketches. This week we break out the commemorative china with Lucy Porter, explore Twitter panic with Kae Kurd and peek through the advent window with Flo and Joan. Plus an interview with Sunday…

Bitcoin Highs

Is the rise and rise of this crypto-currency driven by its rising credibility, or by nefarious activities? We hear from Bitcoin trader and fan Danny Scott, who admits the electronic money is prone to bubbles. Meanwhile Nobel-prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz tells us why he thinks…


Lilian has an unlikely heart to heart, and Emma is on tenterhooks.

Welcome to Umbrella Town

Buy an umbrella anywhere in the world and the chances are that it was made in Songxia. But could this Chinese manufacturing hub now lose its crown to a cheaper foreign rival? Ed Butler visits the Tianwei umbrella factory, one of dozens in the town,…


Alan does some award-worthy buttering up, and David puts his foot in it.

《你问我答》:Set off 和 set out 的区别

在表示“出发、动身,开始一段旅行”的这一概念时,set off 和 set out 的意思是一样的。但它们各自还包含了一些另一方没有的意思。本集节目将分析这两个常用动词短语的区别和用法。