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Episode 5

Made for 4 Extra. Miles Jupp chairs a satirical review of the week’s news in an extended version of Friday’s programme.


Emma has help from an unexpected source, and there is bad news for Alistair.


From funerals to the Burning the Circle festival held every year on the Isle of Aran to surgeon’s scrubbing up before an operation, Aleks explores the very human experience of rites of passage and ritual and why this very human experience can help make sense…

Jane Gardam – Old Filth

On this month’s World Book Club British writer Jane Gardam discusses her award-winning novel Old Filth with the studio audience at Broadcasting House and listeners from around the world. Edward Feathers is a child of the Raj. His earliest memories are of his beloved Amah,…

Suffixes -less and -free

Are e-cigarettes harmless or do you think all public places should be smoke-free? Catherine and Neil listen to a politician and talk about the suffixes -free and -less


Justin is in the dog house, and the Grundys hatch a scheme.


Lilian has ammunition, and Emma eyes a new venture.

The News Quiz 061017

Miles Jupp is joined by Jeremy Hardy, Suzi Ruffell, Lloyd Langford & Katy Brand to hash out the week’s headlines. This week the panel discuss Theresa May’s Conservative Party Conference speech, the collapse of Monarch Airlines and the potential discovery of Santa Claus’ grave. The…