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The News Quiz 131017

Host Miles Jupp is joined by Rich Hall, Helen Lewis, Mark Steel and Kiri Pritchard-McLean to hash out the week’s biggest news stories. The panel discuss the Harvey Weinstein accusations, the SNP Party Conference and Yorkshire’s many bids for devolution. The Chair’s script was written…

The Future of Healthcare

Big data and personalised healthcare could revolutionise medicine, or at least that’s the claim at the Future in Review tech conference in Utah. Presenter Ed Butler speaks to Dion Denmark who has lived six years with an as yet undiagnosed chronic illness, medic Leroy Hood…


Helen puts her foot down, and Adam makes a friend.

Should We Fear or Embrace the Future?

3D printers, cyber-security, artificial intelligence – Ed Butler reports on the big tech trends being discussed at this year’s Future in Review conference in Utah. The programme includes interviews with Shane Fox, chief executive of start-up Link 3D, John Heintz, head of Aptage, Dafina Toncheva…


Pip makes an embarrassing mistake, and Lily is left speechless.