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Shula’s day goes from bad to worse, and Ruth makes plans for the future.


Spam and its prevention have been a driving force in the history of the internet. It’s changed laws and communities, language and culture. It comes in all shapes and forms, the most popular of which is advance fee scams. You know the drill: an agent…

Easily confused words

We look at words like dessert and desert, bored and boring. Learners of English often find it difficult to choose the right one. Practise using easily confused words with us


Lilian feels guilty, and Pip admits her faux pas.

Why Music? The Key to Memory

Presented by Tom Service. In this special live edition of the programme, Music Matters teams up with psychologists from Goldsmiths, University of London, led by Dr Daniel Mullensiefen, for the Music Matters Lab. Daniel and his colleagues will be revealing the results of experiments created…


Matt stirs the pot, and Philip proves a knight in shining armour.

The News Quiz 131017

Host Miles Jupp is joined by Rich Hall, Helen Lewis, Mark Steel and Kiri Pritchard-McLean to hash out the week’s biggest news stories. The panel discuss the Harvey Weinstein accusations, the SNP Party Conference and Yorkshire’s many bids for devolution. The Chair’s script was written…

The Future of Healthcare

Big data and personalised healthcare could revolutionise medicine, or at least that’s the claim at the Future in Review tech conference in Utah. Presenter Ed Butler speaks to Dion Denmark who has lived six years with an as yet undiagnosed chronic illness, medic Leroy Hood…


Helen puts her foot down, and Adam makes a friend.