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Wechat No.184179 13/10/2016

Rob is refusing to hide away, and Shula still has doubts. Direct Link: Cdn Link: Recommended in Mainland China Original BBC Link: Expired in 30 days after published

Wechat No.184176 Thailand Mourns Death of King

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand has died at the age of 88. He was the world s longest-reigning monarch, and was widely revered as a stabilising figure, in a country hit by cycles of political turmoil and multiple coups. We hear from Richard Ehrlich of…

Wechat No.184118 I led a street gang in North Korea

Sungju Lee was born in the North Korean capital Pyongyang. As a child he idolised the country s communist leaders and dreamed of following his father into the People s Army. But those dreams crumbled very quickly. Sungju s comfortable life was uprooted and he…

Wechat No.184062 Is loneliness in our genes?

What is loneliness and why do we feel it? Sophie and Neil discuss how feeling lonely can help us to survive Direct Link: Cdn Link: Recommended in Mainland China Original BBC Link: Expired in 30 days after published

Wechat No.184061 Dakota Pipeline Protest

Native American tribes v big oil: protestors against Dakota s new oil pipeline discuss water pollution and land rights with supporters of the project. And startup entrepreneurs in St Louis, Missouri talk about the local tech scene, and what they want from the new US…

Wechat No.184043 Plasma

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss plasma, the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas. As over ninety-nine percent of all observable matter in the Universe is plasma, planets like ours, with so little plasma and so much solid, liquid and gas, appear all…

Wechat No.184005 The Last Day of Lebanon s Civil War

On October 13th 1990, the Syrian airforce forced their most outspoken opponent in Lebanon, General Michel Aoun, to take refuge in the French embassy in Beirut, ending the last chapter of Lebanon s bitter 15-year civil war. Veteran Lebanese journalist, Hanna Anbar, remembers that day….

Wechat No.183942 Hispanic in Texas

San Antonio is now a majority Hispanic city, and this area of Texas is home to many entrepreneurial success stories. Joe Miller asks why Hispanic representation in big business has lagged. He speaks to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce where he hears how many Mexican…