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Lexi reaches an emotional decision, and Rex is surprised by recent developments.

Gambling Addiction: Winners and Losers

Gambling addiction is on the rise worldwide, but who is to blame? Is it down to the individual or should gambling companies be doing more? A recovering gambler shares his story of how he lost over a million dollars to his addiction. We hear from…


Kirsty makes a horrific discovery, and Roy unburdens himself.

James Rhodes, Monteverdi and the Genesis Suite

Sara Mohr-Pietsch talks to pianist James Rhodes about his latest book ‘Fire on All Sides’, a journal in which he candidly discusses the challenges of touring as a performing musician and its impact on mental health, a topic close to him. Also, a new production…


Toby receives a shocking instruction, and Roy fears for the future.

The News Quiz 12th Jan 2018

Miles Jupp and team vs The News. Lining up this week are Angela Barnes, Lucy Porter, Lloyd Langford and political columnist for the Daily Mail, Peter Oborne. On the agenda this week, a cabinet reshuffle and a Coronation kerfuffle. Writers: Madeleine Brettingham, James Kettle, Benjamin…

Boats and Cakes for the Super Rich

Stock market surges are creating more super-wealthy people. What do they spend their money on? Ed Butler speaks to Noah Kirsch, a writer with the Forbes high-wealth team, about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, now worth more than $100bn. He visits the London Boat Show to…


Adam is outmanoeuvred, and Kate is at her wits end.

Ethical coffee

Would you pay more for coffee if you knew it was doing some good? Dan and Catherine discuss the pros and cons of ethically produced coffee