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Matt plots his escape, and Justin is on the warpath.


Matt makes a risky move, and Jennifer cannot keep up.

The News Quiz 27/10/17

Miles Jupp is joined by Simon Evans, Angela Barnes, Hugo Rifkind & Zoe Lyons to hash out the week’s news. The teams discuss the China’s leader Xi Jinping’s political reshuffle, Lord Lawson’s climate change denial on Radio 4’s Today programme and Labour MP Jarad O’Hara’s…

Iceland: Too Many Tourists?

Iceland has seen an explosion in tourism in recent years. But at what cost? Edwin Lane speaks to Grimur Saemundsen, chief executive of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, a geothermal tourist attraction. Economist and former government minister Gylfi Magnusson discusses the economic boost tourism has…


Shula struggles to remain calm, and Jill has concerns.

Too much sugar

Are you aware of how much of the sweet stuff you eat? Neil and Rob talk about sugar and teach you some tempting new vocabulary

Facebook vs Democracy

Do Facebook, Google and Twitter have a conflict of interests when it comes to stopping Russia and others from manipulating public opinion and stoking conflict around the world? Presenter Ed Butler hears a range of voices raising concern about the existential threat that social media…