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China’s New Silk Road

We’ll be gazing down the Silk Road – a name to conjure with across the centuries. Now China is investing tens of billions of dollars to build a new trade route across central Asia. With global trade stalling, is now the time to do this?…


Rob acquires new ammunition, and Alan has a job on his hands.

Rolling in it

Neil is rolling on the floor to teach a phrase connected to wealth. Feifei explains

Game On – The Franchise Wars: COD -v- Magic

The latest installment in the COD franchise; Infinite Warfare discussed with Sam Brooke from PushSquare and what’s the author Ben Aaronovitch up to in the sixth ‘Rivers of London’ book, ‘The Hanging Tree’?


The Grundys pull out all the stops, and Jennifer is caught in the middle.

The sound of mortality

American pianist Jonathan Biss on late works, Fiona Maddocks on music ‘to carry you through’, Edinburgh’s new concert hall, plus the sound of the Jungle – music recorded in the Calais migrant camp. With Sara Mohr-Pietsch.

Commonly misspelled words

Weird or weird? English spelling is fascinating – but it’s not always straightforward! Find out more with Finn and Catherine

Trump and Emerging Markets

What does Donald Trump’s election as the next US president mean for stock markets and economies from Asia to Latin America? The BBC’s Daniel Gallas reports from Brazil and presenter Manuela Saragosa hears from Brett Diment, head of global emerging market debt at Aberdeen Asset…