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Air kiss

How do you kiss someone without kissing them? Neil and Feifei explain a word which describes a popular way of greeting and saying goodbye to friends

Game On – Oh Lordy, it’s Xmas

Everybody Plays’ editor, Ian Morris and Andy Robertson from Family Gamer TV join Adam for their annual pick of some of the games that are best for families and young gamers.


Kenton makes an impulse buy, and Josh needs help to broker a deal.


Catherine and Finn talk about words that have the same or similar meanings

05/12/2016 GMT

(Photo: Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi give a speech after the results of the referendum on constitutional reforms, Credit: Getty Images)

5th December 16: Women Talking About Cars (Ep 1)

Victoria Coren Mitchell interviews Dawn French in the first of a new series in which famous women look at their lives from the perspective of the cars they have known, the journeys they’ve been on and the things they keep in their boot for emergencies….


Kate needs to turn her ideas into reality, and Lynda tries to pull rank.

Nepal’s Living Goddess

In the centre of Patan City in Nepal resides a living goddess, a child as young as four, chosen to host a deity of invincible feminine power. On her young shoulders rests the fate of the nation. Goddesses in many religious traditions around the world…

Alzheimer’s Research Drug Failure

Adam Rutherford talks to Alzheimer’s researcher Dr Tara Spires-Jones about news of a failed drug clinical trial into Alzheimer’s Disease treatment by the drug company Eli Style Transfer on Facebook Anand Jagatia talks to Facebook’s Yann LeCun, about Style Transfer, a new technique enabling users…