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Usha meets a prospective tenant, and Jill faces up to the enemy.

Harriet Martineau

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Harriet Martineau who, from a non-conformist background in Norwich, became one of the best known writers in the C19th. She had a wide range of interests and used a new, sociological method to observe the world around her, from religion…


Sophie and Neil discuss why the last pharaoh of Egypt still fascinates people today

How not to test public opinion.

People took to the streets in India to protest about the government’s decision to withdraw R500 R1,000 notes. But despite the uproar the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has insisted he has the support of the people after a survey, carried out on his very own…


Helen has a heavy heart, and Susan has her ear to the ground.


David fights a losing battle, and Lynda despairs at her cast’s interventions.