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Wechat No.197714 Our Genetic Future

We visit Europe’s newest genetic research centre, The Francis Crick Institute. We look at how this new London based international centre brings together scientists from many disciplines to explore the human genome in work to pinpoint the mechanisms of genetic disease. We discuss how this…

Wechat No.197619 22/10/2016

Colin Murray plays host as his guests aim to gain points whilst discussing the sporting stories of the week. Points are awarded for informed comment, wit and passion but deducted for nonsense and answers lacking in conviction. In the final round the top two scorers…

Wechat No.197570 Redemptive Running

Ian Brown might be homeless, but it hasn’t stopped him training for and successfully completing the Melbourne marathon last week. After years of homelessness Ian found help and redemption in running, supported by Australian charity ‘On My Feet’. They provide new trainers and use running…

Wechat No.197326 Writing Inspired by Chibok, US Election Art

Playwright Theresa Ikoko and poet Titilope Sonuga discuss why they’ve both drawn on the story of the Chibok schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria, in their work and what they think art can achieve in the face of tragedy. Also in the programme, art critic Ben Davis…

Wechat No.196727 Wall Street Update

Doug MacIntyre of 24/7 Wall Street discusses the top talking points at Wall Street. Direct Link: Cdn Link: Recommended in Mainland China Original BBC Link: Expired in 30 days after published

Wechat No.196719 21/10/2016

Helen is ready to move forward, and Elizabeth is reminded of a road not taken. Direct Link: Cdn Link: Recommended in Mainland China Original BBC Link: Expired in 30 days after published

Wechat No.196718 The News Quiz, 21 October 2016

Jeremy Hardy, Chris Addison, Rebecca Front and Zoe Lyons join Chairman Miles Jupp for the latest edition of the long-running satirical quiz of the week s news. Trump/Clinton, The Labour Party and Heathrow are just some of the topics tackled by the panel. Producer: Paul…

Wechat No.196717 Attack on Kirkuk

A restaurateur in Iraq discusses life as so-called Islamic State attacks his city of Kirkuk on the day his business was set to open. Also, as South Africa announces its withdrawal, do you want your country to be a part of the International Criminal Court?…