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Henry looks forward to Christmas Day, and Tom is on hand to help.

Dead Ringers Christmas Special 2016

It’s rumoured that Adele may attempt to sing a happy song, but there’s no certainty she’ll succeed. Listen out for light-hearted Christmassy versions of your favourite shows from Crimewatch to The Fall. CAST: Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Debra Stephenson, Duncan Wisbey, Lewis Macleod. WRITTEN BY:…

Feasts, Fasts & Religion

Manuela Saragosa explores the link between religion and feasting, and hears how food branded as religious has been a marketing triumph in much of the world. Elizabeth Hotson gets a kosher cocktail and hears how kosher is mainstream especially in the US – even for…

Four Quartets

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Four Quartets, TS Eliot’s last great work which he composed, against a background of imminent and actual world war, as meditations on the relationship between time and humanity. With David Moody Emeritus Professor of English and American Literature at the…

Are Humans Predictably Irrational?

Our brains are prone to cognitive biases that affect everything from financial markets to basketball. Presenter Ed Butler talks to author Michael Lewis about his new biography of the Israeli pioneers of research into irrational behaviour, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. Plus Wall Street fund…

Yellow cards for Christmas?

Former football referee Howard Webb told a story recently that he had been approached by players in the English Premier League asking to be booked so they could be suspended for Christmas so they can get some time off. They have to play extra games…

A Future for Nuclear Power?

Does nuclear energy have a future or is it a technology of the past? Theo Leggett visits a power station in the UK, the first country to commercialise nuclear power in the 1950s and 60s, and counts the cost of decommissioning old nuclear reactors –…


Lynda fears for her reputation, and Rex needs another pair of hands.