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Presenters Timandra Harkness and Leo Johnson investigate how intimacy will change in the 21st century. Can intimacy survive the erosion of privacy within our culture? FutureProofing reveals how new technology offers opportunities to support and develop close personal relationships, but also how it threatens to…


Kenton is in full creative flow, and Pip is left out.

Just A Minute Does Panto!

2017 marks Just A Minute’s 50th year, and what better way to kick off the celebrations by combining the longest-running panel show with another great British institution – the pantomime! In Just A Minute Does Panto! Nicholas Parsons is joined by Just A Minute regulars,…

The Economy through Artists’ Eyes

A plethora of creative types show presenter Manuela Saragosa how the arts can inform the business world. Nashville-based fund manager Jon Shayne, who moonlights as country and western singer Merle Hazard, talks Trump, markets and animal spirits. Poet Brian Bilston and documentary film-maker Martin Durkin…


Debbie does some straight talking, and could Elizabeth have missed her chance?

Elements: Christmas Special

The best bits from our exploration of the chemistry of the world economy. From essential nutrients to lethal poisons, and from frivolous tableware to the existential threat of global warming – the elements of the periodic table constitute every aspect of our material world. In…

BONUS: The Tim Vine Christmas Chat Show

Fresh from a critically acclaimed Radio 4 debut in 2016 (“A delightful show full of laugh-out-loud moments in which Vine’s razor sharp wit and warmth shine through” Radio Times) The Tim Vine Chat Show returns for a one-off Christmas Special. Polish off your Boxing Day…


Lilian’s plans are scuppered, and Ed feels upstaged.