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Wechat No.222710 Child Marriage and Dangerous Algorithms

Is a girl under the age of 15 married every seven seconds somewhere in the world? That is what the charity Save the Children claim in their attempts to raise awareness of child marriage. But how is this figure calculated? Data scientist and activist Cathy…

Wechat No.222525 The Night Time Economy

Is the night time economy under threat? Dozens of clubs have closed in London in recent years, leading some to fear a slow death of the clubbing scene there. Edwin Lane speaks to some concerned club promoters and London residents. And in Sydney strict drinking…

Wechat No.220803 Fashion to Protect Pregnant Women Against Zika

Pregnant women in zika-affected areas are being advised to cover up and use mosquito repellent to try to make sure they don’t get bitten. And the social enterprise company Maternova in the United States is now creating insecticide-impregnated clothing to offer further protection to women….

Wechat No.220794 02/11/2016

Brian offloads his concerns, and Susan has a nose round Home Farm. Direct Link: Cdn Link: Recommended in Mainland China Original BBC Link: Expired in 30 days after published

Wechat No.220793 Richie Wellens

Jack Dearden is joined by former United and Salford midfielder Richie Wellens. Direct Link: Cdn Link: Recommended in Mainland China Original BBC Link: Expired in 30 days after published

Wechat No.220792 Game On: A World At War

Game On: A World At War Video games makers seem to have been reluctant to tackle The Great War. Why? Thomas Quillfeldt, Dits from The Same Coin and Sussex University s Dr Chris Kempshall join Adam to discuss Battlefield 1. Direct Link: Cdn Link: Recommended…

Wechat No.220791 Uganda Makerere University

We discuss the situation that has closed Uganda s Makerere University after students wanting their education protested against a lecturers’ strike. Also, we hear the conversation around Bono being honoured by Glamour magazine as their first-ever Man of the Year. And, we hear the story…

Wechat No.219695 Wind of Change?

Cheap wind and solar power could soon make the coal, oil and gas industries defunct. Manuela Saragosa takes an optimistic peek at a possible zero-carbon, hi-tech future. Author and futurist Ramez Naam explains how renewable tech just keeps getting cheaper and more abundant, and why…