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Kirsty receives an unexpected gift, and Peggy does some investigating.

John Clare

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the Northamptonshire poet John Clare who, according to one of Melvyn’s guests Jonathan Bate, was ‘the greatest labouring-class poet that England has ever produced’. Clare worked in a tavern, as a gardener and as a farm labourer in the early…

Is Democracy Failing in America?

In the wake of Donald Trump’s claim that three million people may have voted illegally in last year’s presidential elections, we scrutinise the American electoral system and the work of the Electoral Integrity Project that suggests North Carolina is on a par with Cuba. A…

Mourinho’s style of football

Bill Rice asks if you think Jose Mourinho’s style of football is right for Manchester United. Former striker Andy Ritchie gives his views.


Jennifer wants to put an end to the rumours, and Fallon thinks outside the box.


Anisha worries for her reputation, and is Josh pulling a fast one?


Do you have a false friend? In The English We Speak we get to hear how one of Feifei’s best friends isn’t a friend at all and discover that there’s a great word to describe them