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A Future for Nuclear Power?

Does nuclear energy have a future or is it a technology of the past? Theo Leggett visits a power station in the UK, the first country to commercialise nuclear power in the 1950s and 60s, and counts the cost of decommissioning old nuclear reactors –…


Jennifer tries to keep the peace, but Kate is unhappy, and Brian is not listening.

20/12/2016 GMT

(Photo: Solar panels being installed in Arizona, Credit: Getty Images)


Susan celebrates at Ambridge View, while Neil ends up in a tight spot.

Milton Babbitt: Changing the way we think about music

Daniele Gatti on life as the new Chief Conductor of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, plus Sara Mohr-Pietsch examines the life and work of avant-garde American composer Milton Babbitt and 19th-Century conductor Hans Richter.

19/12/2016 GMT

(Photo: A woman shops for cosmetics in Shanghai, Credit: Getty Images)

19th December 16: Desolation Jests (Ep 1)

David Jason stars alongside John Bird, Jan Ravens and Rory Bremner in David Renwick’s dark and quirky new comedy sketch show that takes a not-altogether-factual look at the history of comedy…. What comedy sketches would you most want at your side to face the end…