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South Korea’s Unlikely Buddy Comedy

In the week that North Korea conducted a controversial missile test, we hear about the hit South Korean film Confidential Assignment, which portrays cooperation between secret agents from both sides of the border. Film lecturer Dr Jinhee Choi explains what it can tell us about…


Jazzer dishes out some tough love, and Lilian sails close to the wind.

FriComedy: The News Quiz 17th Feb 2017

This week Miles presides over a panel of news hounds in the form of Jeremy Hardy, Romesh Ranganathan, Simon Evans and Gina Yashere. All the week’s big political goings-on with a story about horses and tequila at the end to take the edge off. Producer:…

Searching for the Spirit of Benin

Ed Davey travels to Benin to attend the annual Voodoo Festival in Ouidah, encountering this ancient African religion in all its faith and fervour. As travellers’ tales go, Jafar Habib’s account of the annual Voodoo Festival in Benin in 2011 is quite extraordinary. Jafar –…

Fishing in Europe

What will Brexit mean for Europe’s fishing industry? Ed Butler explores the murky depths of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy. He speaks to Suzannah Walmsley, Fisheries Business Development Manager at the marine consultants ABP-MER about what’s at stake ahead of the UK’s exit from the…

Tech Phone-in

Fevzi Turkalp from answers listeners’ technology questions, including advice on VPNs, extending WiFi reach in your home and which printers are best for photos.


Emotions run high at Bridge Farm, and Freddie has a lot on his mind.

Maths in the Early Islamic World

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the flourishing of maths in the early Islamic world, as thinkers from across the region developed ideas in places such as Baghdad’s House of Wisdom. Among them were the Persians Omar Khayyam, who worked on equations, and Al-Khwarizmi, latinised as…