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2017: Prepare for Anything

Today we examine the risks and the opportunities of 2017 with two UK-based market experts. With President Trump heading for the White House, big elections scheduled in Europe in the next twelve months, and China’s economy continuing to slow, does this promise to be the…


Helen wants today to be perfect, and Rex has news for Toby.


Callum and Finn discuss brand names which are now are used for other similar products.

How to Change Your Career

Ever thought about changing your career? With people living longer and job security decreasing, sticking with the same career for the whole of your working life is becoming a thing of the past. Edwin Lane speaks to John McAvoy, an armed robber turned record breaking…

2nd January 17: State of the Nations (Ep 1)

Star of BBC3’s Josh and Radio 4 News Quiz regular Elis James hosts four stand-up shows from the four nations of the United Kingdom which explore what it means to be variously Welsh, English, Scottish and Northern Irish in today’s United Kingdom. For the first…


Johnny is keen to party, and Lilian cannot be cheered.

Star Trek – The Undiscovered Future

The first episode of Star Trek aired half a century ago, on 8 September 1966. Space medic and broadcaster Kevin Fong asks what happened to the progressive and optimistic vision of future that the iconic television series promised him? In 1964, Star Trek producer Gene…

Steve Earle’s Songwriting Bootcamp

Legendary country singer-songwriter Steve Earle unveils the secrets of composing a great song. Every year he runs a four-day intensive training session in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Journalist and aspiring songwriter Hugh Levinson joined around 100 other would-be balladeers to see what…


Fighting Talk celebrates the end of 2016 as Colin Murray is joined by 4 panellists who all have one thing in common; they know little or nothing about the world of sport! Our sports fan novices will go head to head as they attempt to…