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BBC PODCAST | British Accent Robots



Presenters Leo Johnson and Timandra Harkness discover how our society will change when machines do most of the work. What happens when automation becomes very widespread at work? Current economic forecasts from even cautious places like the Bank of England and the World Bank suggest…


Susan asserts herself, and Kenton is taken for a ride.

Out in Africa

Africa has been called the most homophobic continent. In the majority of African countries, homosexual activity is illegal; in some, long jail sentences or even death await those who break anti-gay laws. Charles Adesina, himself a gay man with Nigerian roots, goes on a personal…

China’s Capital Flight

We’re looking at the growing pressures on China’s economy. More than three quarters of a trillion dollars leached overseas last year, despite the government’s best efforts to limit capital flight. A new year and new government rules, but can the central bank stop faith dwindling…


Tom wants to make changes, and Roy notices something is up.