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6th March 17: Sarah Kendall: Australian Trilogy (Ep 1)

Multi-award winning storyteller Sarah Kendall, brings her critically acclaimed trilogy of funny and moving, live shows to Radio 4. Taking her audience on a trip, Sarah gives a unique snapshot of small-town life in Australia in the early nineties. At a time when most people…


Kirsty receives a complaint, and Roy helps out Harrison.

Earth’s Earliest Life

The world’s oldest rocks reveal traces of our earliest ancestors, dating back to more than 3.7 billion years. Skip forward a few epochs and we come to the dinosaurs. Most of us have an idea of how they moved around but how realistic is this?…

Daniel Barenboim and Marin Alsop

Tom Service talks to conductor Daniel Barenboim as the new Pierre Boulez Saal opens in Berlin, and the conductors Marin Alsop and Sylvia Caduff meet in Lucerne and compare notes on their lives on the podium. Tom meets Daniel Barenboim in Berlin, as the city’s…

‘I shouldn’t be banned for wearing a hijab’

Former college basketball star Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir tells us why she’s being prevented from pursuing a professional career because she plays wearing a hijab. Wearing a hijab is banned by FIBA, the governing body for basketball. Sporting Identity: The Proud Americans Representing Israel The World Baseball…

Novelist Mohsin Hamid on Borders and Migration

Best-selling novelist Mohsin Hamid discusses his latest novel Exit West, which imagines what would happen if mysterious black doors cropped up all over the world which allowed refugees to reach safety. He tells Tina why he believes it is the job of the artist to…

The Now Show 03/03/17

Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis and guests present the week in news through stand-up and sketches. Mae Martin discusses President Trump’s repeal of federal guidance allowing transpersons to use the bathroom they identify with and her own odd experiences in public toilets. Andy Zaltzman proposes an…


It’s time to party at Home Farm, and Justin is on hand to help.


What can fast food tell us about the changing global economy? This week Karishma Vaswani, the BBC’s Asia Business correspondent, takes a closer look at the history and the future of McDonald’s in Asia. For many the company is a symbol of globalisation and food….