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Tom needs to offload his concerns, and Roy has some explaining to do.

Off the Derech

Leaving the Orthodox Jewish community does not just mean forgoing your faith – it also means leaving a community, a life and in many cases your family. It can be so traumatic for many people that there are groups, set up to help people to…

Karl Ove Knausgaard – A Death in the Family

We talk to the acclaimed Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgaard about A Death in the Family, volume one of his remarkable series of memoirs My Struggle. Knausgaard writes with painful honesty about his childhood and teenage years, his infatuation with rock music, his relationship with…

Death of Granny whale

The world’s oldest known killer whale is presumed dead. At an estimated age of 100 years, ‘Granny’ was last seen with her family in October. The scientists who’ve followed her and her pod for four decades announced that they believe she has died somewhere in…

Breaking Free – the minds that changed music

Tom Service talks to Schoenberg’s daughter, Nuria Schoenberg Nono, and discusses the legacy of the whole Second Viennese School with Professor Julian Johnson, Gillian Moore – Director of Music, Southbank Centre – and composer Gabriel Prokofiev. Composer-conductors Reinbert de Leeuw and HK Gruber talk about…


Colin Murray plays host as his guests aim to gain points whilst discussing the sporting stories of the week. Points are awarded for informed comment, wit and passion but taken away for drivel and answers lacking in conviction. In the final round, the top two…

Student Athlete: Pride, Passion. No Payment

College sport is a a billion dollar industry in America. Basketball and football attract huge television audiences and crowds in excess of 100,000 at games. It attracts the biggest names and very highest paid coaches in American sport. The players however do not earn a…

Of Maize and Men: The Rise

Corn is everywhere, in much of our food, drink and even packaging. It has found its way, in a myriad of guises, into thousands of products and has come to dominate the industrialised food supply. Hundreds of millions of people in the developing world rely…

The Lasting Cultural Impact of Partition

This August will mark 70 years since the partition of India and the creation of the nation of Pakistan. Pakistani author Kamila Shamsie and Indian writer Urvashi Butalia discuss how the legacy of partition continues to influence culture in the two countries seven decades on….


Kirsty is reminded of the past, and Helen wishes things could be different.