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Getting less for your money? Could you be the victim of ‘shrinkflation’?


Alistair deals with an emergency, and Tom returns revitalised.


Lilian seeks another point of view, and Brian gets a telling off.

Inside the Mosque Ruled by Women

In Copenhagen, on an upmarket shopping street, above a burger joint, two female imams are leading Friday prayers. The Mariam mosque is the first female led mosque in Scandinavia and one of only a handful worldwide. Anna Holligan travels to Denmark to meet its founder…

Jet Engine Pollution

Some close-quarter flying in the wake of a jet has provided new insights on reducing aircraft pollution. We fly beyond Earth to hunt down exoplanets that had falsely been deemed too cold for life as our definition of the habitable zone changes. Karen Schoonbee reports…

Music in the Time of Our Lives

Presented by Tom Service, live from BBC Radio 3’s Pop Up Studio at Sage Gateshead as part of the Free Thinking Festival. This special edition of Music Matters explores our perceptions of music and time in the routines and activities of daily life. The performer…

Commonwealth Crisis? Durban ditches the Games

Does what’s happened with Durban tell us more about the preparedness of cities to host major sporting events or for sports governing bodies to attract suitable bidders. Or has the public fallen out of love with hosting major sporting events? March Madness: The billion dollar…

Poor Old Potato

In its time, the potato has been called the root of filth, misery and obesity – but is it fair to call it the ‘food of the poor’? In the first episode of a 2-part series, The Food Chain goes to the very roots of…