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Lynda has to explain herself, and Harrison is in the doghouse.

Triggering Article 50

British Prime Minister Theresa May triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty today, formally beginning the UK’s exit from the European Union. Manuela Saragosa speaks to British Brexit-supporting economist Ruth Lea and British member of the European parliament Richard Corbett about the challenges Britain now…

Game On – Back to war with a Halo

Frank O’Connor from 343 Industries talks to Adam about working with the Halo Universe and Jake Tucker and Dominic Preston discuss the fruits of 343 and CA’s labours; Halo Wars 2.


Usha rallies the troops, and Jill does a good deed.

The Surrogacy Business

Commercial surrogacy, where women carry the babies of paying couples, is a significant global trade. But major centres like India are considering banning the practice amid legal and ethical concerns. Are women being put at risk? The BBC’s Jane Garvey speaks to Miranda Davies, author…


Toby shares his advice, and Kirsty adjusts to new information.

The Return of the Heathens

The fastest growing religion in Iceland is Norse paganism. Floating in a hot spring, snow falling from the night sky, John Laurenson meets Teresa Drofn. A 25 year-old Heathen, Teresa describes her return to the religion of her Viking forebears as a renewal of a…

Word stress

Do you know how to pronounce the words photographer and photograph? There’s an interesting difference. Why? Because of ‘word stress’