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Maths in the Early Islamic World

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the flourishing of maths in the early Islamic world, as thinkers from across the region developed ideas in places such as Baghdad’s House of Wisdom. Among them were the Persians Omar Khayyam, who worked on equations, and Al-Khwarizmi, latinised as…

Costing the World’s Healthcare

As the US Congress begins the work of revising Obamacare, we look at the rising costs of healthcare generally. From the obesity epidemic to an ageing population, a range of new burdens are pushing up the global health bill, and many health systems around the…


Harrison hatches a plan, and Alistair faces a dilemma.

Gordon Hill

Bill Rice is joined by former United midfielder Gordon Hill to talk about United’s Europa League tie against St Etienne and when he faced them in 1977.

Space Weather

Could solar weather knock out our power grids? Manuela Saragosa speaks to Nasa consultant Dr Daniel Baker about space weather and how its monitored, Trevor Maynard, head of exposure management at Lloyds of London, about the risks posed to electricity grids around the world, and…


Anisha has a difficult day at the office, and Miranda presents her case.

Trump and Africa’s Conflict Minerals

Will Donald Trump’s desired repeal of the Dodd Frank Act mark a comeback for conflict minerals in the DRC? He’s issued an executive order asking Congress to consider revisions of the Act. One key clause, 1502, requires US firms to declare where they’re sourcing their…