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Seneca the Younger

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Seneca the Younger, who was one of the first great writers to live his entire life in the world of the new Roman empire, after the fall of the Republic. He was a Stoic philosopher, he wrote blood-soaked tragedies, he…

Hidden Figures: The Real Story

Hidden Figures, the film, tells the little-known story of a group of African American women and their contribution to the space race in the 50s and 60s. We explore the history of how these women were recruited by Nasa and put to work on complex…

Dr Karl

Dr Karl and Dr Rhod discuss how to convert renewable energy to hydrogen power. Can you really fit the world’s population onto the Isle of Wight, and what’s the science behind multitasking?

Shaun Malone

Bill Rice is joined by Shaun Malone from Gogglebox to preview the League Cup Final. Former United striker Danny Webber gives his views.


Kenton enacts his scheme, and Harrison has his work cut out.

Surviving a Trump Attack

How do companies deal with an attack by Donald Trump on Twitter? Joe Miller finds out from Michael Abrahams, partner at the communications firm Finsbury. The BBC’s Regan Morris reports from Los Angeles to find out whether the Trump presidency is affecting consumers’ choices. And…


Roy is taken by surprise, and Lilian uses her contacts.