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Europa League preview

Bill Rice is joined by former Manchester United striker, Andy Ritchie, to ask if you think the Reds have to win the Europa League to make it a successful season.


Toby is keen to impress, and Alice sounds out Adam.

Hormones: Vitamin D

This hormone is vital for strong bones and muscles. But do our indoor work lives mean many of us are not getting the sunlight that our bodies need to produce it? Presenter Justin Rowlatt heads to a hospital in India where Dr Ambrish Mithal explains…


Peggy has to make a tough decision, and Brian has a sudden realisation.

Ireland, Brexit and the Border

How will the imminent departure of the UK from the European Union affect cross-border trade in Ireland? Laurence Knight reports from an island that fears it will be divided once again – this time by customs and immigration controls – as Northern Ireland is pulled…

Game On 090517 Overcooked

Overcooked surprised many people when it won 2 BAFTAs; the game’s makers amongst them. Adam’s been to Cambridge to meet Phil and Oli – the men behind Ghost Town Games to talk about co-op cooking

Episode 3

A satirical review of the week’s news, including all the bits that wouldn’t fit into Friday’s show featuring Jeremy Hardy, Angela Barnes, Sarah Kendall and Danny Finkelstein. Producer: Tamara Shilham A BBC Studios Production.


Jill has a bone to pick with David, and Pip does not want to be a burden.