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Life at Grange Farm is squeezed, and Tom is having second thoughts.

Nubians of the Nile

On the banks of the Nile in southern Egypt, Nubians, an ethnic group of African Egyptians, are forced to practice Christian traditions in secret under the watchful eye of an Islamic government. Their quiet acts of resistance – baptising their children under cover of darkness,…

Exoplanet Discovery

This week, we are searching for life, from the ancient microbes found in a Mexican cave to the farms on Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. Plus, we hear from the astronomers who have detected seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star. A Belgian researcher has solved a…

Ranieri and the Science of Sacking

After Claudio Ranieri is sacked just nine months after winning the most unlikely of league titles we look at the cold hard analytics behind when a manager should be sacked. We are joined by Professor Adrian Bell author of the paper “The Sacking of Football…

Angelina Jolie: Documenting Cambodia’s History

First They Killed My Father is a new film set in Cambodia during the devastating years of violence under the Khmer Rouge regime, made by Angelina Jolie for Netflix. She explains how adopting her son Maddox from the country 15 years ago inspired her to…

Post-Truth Food

Remember the great bacon shortage of 2012? No? What about the one earlier this year? Still no? Well maybe that’s because they didn’t happen. The Oxford English dictionary defines post-truth as: “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping…


Justin is over the moon, and Jennifer cannot believe her eyes.

FriComedy: The News Quiz 24th Feb 2017

Susan Calman, Charlie Higson, Sarah Kendall and Lucy Porter join Miles’ for this the last show in the current series. A rollercoaster week of by-elections and pie selections. Strap in everyone. Producer: Richard Morris A BBC Studios Production


Helen is told to stop worrying, and Joe is having doubts.