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Industrial Decline and Europe’s Left

With rising inequality, stagnant wages and the disappearance of traditional working class jobs – why are Europe’s left-wing parties doing so badly? Edwin Lane reports from Ebbw Vale, a former steel town in Wales where people feel left behind and voted heavily for Brexit. Many…

Goldfish, brains and phones

Are fish able to focus for longer than humans? Neil and Catherine discuss how our brains are being affected by technology. They also teach you six items of useful vocabulary


Healthcare is being transformed by technology. Presenters Timandra Harkness and Leo Johnson discover what the future really holds for how we look after our health. Visiting the Silicon Valley technologists and cutting-edge medical research facilities, Leo explores the ambitions they have to bring science-fiction style…

Scott McGarvey

Bill Rice is joined by former Manchester United striker Scott McGarvey to discuss manager Jose Mourinho and ask if he’s over- or under-achieving with the current squad.


Kenton gets the wrong end of the stick, and Rex will not take no for an answer.

Sex Robots

Could robots designed for sex and companionship really substitute human relationships? Jane Wakefield visits a sex robot factory in California where creator Matt McMullen introduces his sex robot, Harmony, and explains why his product might help people struggling to form relationships in real life. International…


Harrison has his work cut out, and Matt returns two items.

Game On – Dawn of a Go 8 bit War

Steve McNeil talks about riding a zeitgeist as Go 8 Bit returns to the UK’s screens and another favourite’s back – Dawn of War 3. Relic’s Philippe Boulle interviewed and Leif Johnson from PC Gamer discusses the game.