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The Now Show 03/03/17

Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis and guests present the week in news through stand-up and sketches. Mae Martin discusses President Trump’s repeal of federal guidance allowing transpersons to use the bathroom they identify with and her own odd experiences in public toilets. Andy Zaltzman proposes an…


It’s time to party at Home Farm, and Justin is on hand to help.


What can fast food tell us about the changing global economy? This week Karishma Vaswani, the BBC’s Asia Business correspondent, takes a closer look at the history and the future of McDonald’s in Asia. For many the company is a symbol of globalisation and food….


Ruth lends an ear, and Josh only has one focus.

What happened last night in Sweden?

What happened last night in Sweden? Ruth Alexander tells the strange tale that connects Donald Trump, rape in Sweden, immigration and her reporting on More or Less. Why did a network of Twitter accounts, usually the source of pro-Russian messages, pump out tweets about a…