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Why are Hollywood Actresses Paid Less than Men?

There has been a steady stream of top Hollywood actresses who have complained that they have been paid less than their male co-stars. Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman have all pointed out the disparity. So why in the 21st Century is this still…

Solving City Smog

Air pollution and the businesses trying to clean it up: In today’s programme we hear from a “fun” run in car-choked Cairo. Meanwhile presenter Ed Butler takes a ride across London to meet fellow cycling enthusiast and air pollution monitor Professor Andrea Sella of University…


Fallon gets an unexpected reaction, and Lilian is not to be disturbed.

The Future of Work

Pensions crises are forcing us to work longer, yet artificial intelligence and automation are pushing us out of jobs. How can employees adapt to the challenges, and how can companies help us to do so? Ryan Avent, senior editor and economics columnist at The Economist…

Game On

Ubisoft’s ‘For Honor’ (sic) takes to the field and Edwin Evans-Thirwell has girded up his loins and screwed his courage to the sticking place to join Adam to discuss that and Nintendo’s new piece of artillery, the Switch


Miranda makes herself clear, and Toby arrives just in time.

Brexit and the Cheese Industry

Dairy farming provides a microcosm of the challenges posed by Brexit to the UK economy. The BBC’s Matthew Price visits British farms to get a flavour of the pickle that the cheese industry has landed in. As the triggering of Article 50 looms, presenter Ed…