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Brexit: A Bitter Pill?

It’s set to be a big week for the European Union with the UK possibly triggering Article 50 this week, the official process that will lead to its departure from the EU, and the Dutch general elections, which many see as a litmus test for…


Lilian has some news, and Usha shakes things up.

Mysteries of the Lut Desert

A group of scientists are just back from an expedition to the Lut Desert in Iran. It is so hot that it is hard to imagine anything living there but the explorers found animals and even water. Further afield on Mars, Adam Rutherford has been…

Dinu Lipatti: a life at the piano

Sara Mohr-Pietsch interviews the conductor Simone Young on her career in music as she in enjoys her latest role as a travelling guest conductor, after ten years in Hamburg as the Director of Music at the Opera and the Philharmonic. Plus a centenary tribute from…

Namibia’s First Blade Runner

Etchegaray Nguluwe has represented Namibia in Paralympic sport at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games. But, born with a club foot, he struggled to keep up in a category where many of the men he raced against had one leg amputated below the knee and…

The Food We Breathe

As part of the BBC wide #SoICanBreathe season, The Food Chain explores how the ways we grow and cook our food can affect how we breathe. From the indoor pollution generated by cooking, to how farming practices change the air for miles around, our food…

Emel: The Voice of the Tunisian Revolution

Tunisian singer Emel has been called ‘the voice of the Tunisian Revolution’. As she releases her new album she talks to Tina about what this tag has meant to her and why she wants to use her new music to move beyond the clichés associated…

The Now Show 10/03/17

Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis and guests present the week in news through stand-up and sketches. This week we look at Philip Hammond’s budget and hear from Kerry Godliman in the week of International Women’s Day. Lucy Porter gives us the lowdown on the French Presidential…


Jazzer makes himself at home, and Lilian is summoned to the Dower House.


Harrison gives it everything he’s got, and Anisha has a tricky case on her hands.