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Pat proves to be a friend indeed, and Joe struggles to let go.


Justin has an ulterior motive, and reality hits for Pip.

The News Quiz 16th Feb 2018

Jeremy Hardy, Helen Lewis, Andy Zaltzman and Katy Brand take on the news. Writers: James Kettle, Robin Morgan, Sarah Morgan with Sophie Duker and Mike Shephard. This week love is in the air with a Valentine’s Day Brexit note and a risqué Georgian lifestyle manual….


Philip makes a move, and Emma tries to make amends.

The rise of drones

Good or bad, drones are taking off. We discuss how these pilotless flying machines are helping and hindering our lives

Reforming India’s Healthcare

Rahul Tandon reports on the huge challenge facing India’s government. (Photo: Staff practice yoga at an Indian hospital, Credit: Getty Images)


Neil makes a touching declaration, and Joe’s plan backfires.

Sharing Bikes and Umbrellas in China

The Chinese love the sharing economy more than anyone else, from bikes to umbrellas. Ed Butler takes a trip on a shared bike in Shanghai, one of millions on the streets of China’s cities, and finds out how Chinese firms are exporting the business model…


Brian loses his cool, and Christine puts her foot down.