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Livestreaming for a Living

Are live broadcasts over the internet the new fast-track to fame? And why are they so big in China? Manuela Saragosa meets two of this new breed of internet celebrity: Emma McGann is a musician who performs her songs on the YouNow site. Meanwhile over…


Will sin disappear in future, as technology and a better understanding of human behaviour allow us to stop people from sinning before they act? And if sin does disappear, what would the consequences be? FutureProofing presenters Timandra Harkness and Leo Johnson find out how technology…


For Tom, there is no time like the present, while things go from bad to worse for Rex.

Latvia, Estonia and Skype

The software behind Skype was developed in Estonia and has transformed the Baltic state’s tech startup scene. Now its neighbours are trying to emulate that success. Marie Keyworth visits Lativa, where the government is trying to cultivate a startup culture in the capital Rega, as…


Lynda strikes a deal, and Kirsty makes amends.

Not a sausage

Nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing at all… Not even one little sausage!

Tourism, Terror And Trump

The choices that tourists make can have a huge impact on the world economy. Today, we unpick the psychology of the tourist and how terror attacks and political upheaval affect the choices they make. Ed Butler reports from Egypt, where it is estimated that tourism…

Episode 7

Jeremy Hardy, Desiree Burch, Simon Evans and Helen Lewis are Miles’ guests for another round of News Quizzing. Producer: Joe Nunnery A BBC Studios Production.


Justin hears it straight from the horses mouth, and Freddie is fed up with his lot.