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Usha rallies the troops, and Jill does a good deed.

The Surrogacy Business

Commercial surrogacy, where women carry the babies of paying couples, is a significant global trade. But major centres like India are considering banning the practice amid legal and ethical concerns. Are women being put at risk? The BBC’s Jane Garvey speaks to Miranda Davies, author…


Toby shares his advice, and Kirsty adjusts to new information.

The Return of the Heathens

The fastest growing religion in Iceland is Norse paganism. Floating in a hot spring, snow falling from the night sky, John Laurenson meets Teresa Drofn. A 25 year-old Heathen, Teresa describes her return to the religion of her Viking forebears as a renewal of a…

Word stress

Do you know how to pronounce the words photographer and photograph? There’s an interesting difference. Why? Because of ‘word stress’

The Gender Pay Gap

What can be done to close the gender pay gap around the world? Jane O’Brien reports from Philadelphia, where a new law prevents employers asking job applicants about their pay history, and Heather Melville from the Chartered Management Institute in the UK outlines the scale…


There is a difference of opinion at Bridge Farm, while at Grange Farm the cracks start to show.